Musical variety = the spice of sound game

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Musical variety = the spice of sound game Empty Musical variety = the spice of sound game

Post by JoeGrotowski on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:31 pm

It's well known that music has the ability to stir our emotions, to give us energy, and some even say that listening to music actually makes you smarter.
I'm not certain about it, but one thing I do know - I love music!

Even songs by people I don't really care for are sometimes good to hear.
So, I will start out by asking Everyone not to put other members down for their choice of song, but rather to adopt a 'live and let live' attitude in case you don't like what someone has posted.
In other words, please don't say '{musical style} sucks', because it all comes down to personal taste and opinion.
Not Everyone likes what you like and all put downs do is make people feel bad and get defensive.
We don't need that stuff here.

Straight up, I like Techno, Metal, Drum and Bass, Punk, and even some Classical and Traditional/ Cultural music.

Enough introduction, let's get on with it.
This is how it works:

I will start by posting a song.
You listen to the song {if you care to} and give it your personal rating out of ten.

Eg: 'I like that catchy rhythm - 7/10.' I love you
or perhaps 'Meh, not really my cup of tea. 2/10'. tongue

Ok here goes:

[url= ] [/url]
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